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"Raj" is definitely recognized as one of the elements of change in the contemporary Sri Lankan music industry. Within a short span of a time the name Rraj became a household name as hit songs emerged one after another through his mastery of music. The current hit single 'Sanda Mithuri", sung by the ingenious Kasun Kalhara had proven that Raj's music is hitting heights with its mixture of fusion and heartfelt tunes. However, Raj's creativity does not limit itself by the shores of Sri Lanka. In 2009 he was selected as the director of music for the Canadian-Tamil movie production "1999" which won number of accolades at Vancouver film festival, Reelworld film festival
and Norwegian Tamil film festival. Its noteworthy that such great legendary Indian song birds as Dr. S.P. Balasubramaniam, Karthik,Tipu & Harini and took part in this musical venture and it was one of the handful productions of such magnitude ever composed by a Sri lankan music producer until now. Being one of the most heavily sought after music directors in the Island nation, he has already produced hit singles for such Sri Lankan artists like Kasun Kalhara, Uresha Ravihari and Roshan Ranawana and currently working with leading artists like Bathiya & Santhush, Indrachapa, Ashanthi, Nirosha Virajini, Nadini, Surenie and many others.
Rajkumar Thillaiampalam arrived in Colombo fresh out of the University Of Peradeniya armed with a degree in Electrical& Electronic engineering. He still remains an engineer - an engineer of music and melancholy heartfelt songs.

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